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Personality is something I have always been interested in so when I found out that we would be learning about different tests we can take to tell us our personality type I was excited.

According to the online test ’16 Personalities’ I am a campaigner, which falls under the category of Diplomat.  This means that I can be characterised as a true free spirit, life of the party, less interested in the sheer excitement something but enjoy and social and emotional connections. Campaigners also tend to see life as a complex puzzle and are driven by intuition. I think that anyone who knows me would see this as pretty accurate as I love having to work things out and always win the family Cluedo games.

Though I think that my results are accurate, I can see how the test is extremely circumstantial due to the nature of the questions asked. Your answers can be affected by the day that you have had or the mood that you are in. The questions are statement such as ‘people can rarely upset you’ which you must agree on. On a normal day I would say that i agree with this statement, however on a day where I may have had an argument with someone i may click strongly disagree which will of course impact on my result.

I think that it is important to take these tests so that you can see what jobs you are suited to and also your strengths and weaknesses. This is helpful as I find it hard to summarise what I am good or bad at, so by seeing what my personality type typically lacks in it helps me to see what I should work on in life. For example, campaigners find it difficult to focus and can be independent to a fault. I think that these are both areas which I can work on so the test has been helpful for me.

What do you think, do you enjoy personality tests? If so, take yours here:

Published by bethanyygough

Hi, I'm Bethany. I am a first year PR and Communications student studying at Solent University. I am new to blogging so please leave comments on my posts so I know what i need to improve :)

4 thoughts on “Personality

  1. Very interesting blog on Personalities. Did the test myself and found I’m a Defender, which makes sense when I read the explanation.


  2. I like personality tests as you can discover new parts of your personality you never believed you had before. In my opinion, knowing ourselves is very important as it helps us to understand our acts and feelings and helps us knowing what type of routine works for us, what is more efficient for us, our strengths and weaknesses etc.. Very interesting


  3. In my view personality tests really are beneficial. They help us to understand better our weak and strong sides and what type of work we enjoy the most. Also, understanding how introverted and extroverted we are is very helpful to decide the best working style. There is a saying -“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”[Albert Einstein]. I believe that personality tests help us discover our genuine sides if taken into action.
    Great post!


  4. Personality tests are fun, because when you see your final result in most cases you can relate, however, as you said, it depends in what mood you are doing it, because sometimes on the same test I have different results when I am sad and happy. Pretty interesting post and I also liked that you put a link for those, who want to make the test.


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