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Periods don’t stop for pandemics

Hi guys! I hope that you are all staying well in these scary times. I know I usually talk about my studies at university on this blog however I wanted to tell you all about the fantastic scheme created to continue to provide free sanitary products to schoolgirls who are in need.

If you didn’t know, in March last year the government made the monumental decision to provide free sanitary products to girls in schools across the UK. This was fantastic news for many companies and organisations who were campaigning towards this. However, even though school isn’t open due to Covid-19 these girls still need sanitary products arguably more now than ever.

This is where the Red Box project comes in. They have teamed up with the GoodSam app which as you may know is being used by the government to allow people to sign up to volunteer to help the NHS with deliveries. This means that if you are a schoolgirl and you need sanitary products and can’t gain access to them, you can log on to the app and request need. From there one of the volunteer NHS responders registered to the app can see your request and pick up a free sanitary kit from a pharmacy and deliver to your front doorstep.

I know that I will be registering to help everyone in need and affected by this virus not just those who unfortunately suffer from period poverty.

Let’s all bind together and end period poverty even in these tough times! Follow my Instagram @bethanyrgough to see my posts about how I am helping or follow the movement at the #GiveWhatYouCan

Stay safe and let me know what you have being doing to stay busy in the comments below.

Published by bethanyygough

Hi, I'm Bethany. I am a first year PR and Communications student studying at Solent University. I am new to blogging so please leave comments on my posts so I know what i need to improve :)

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