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Online university?!?

Hello, long time no see! I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. September has rolled around again, meaning it’s the start of a new year of learning for me and what I thought would be a very much needed and exciting return to uni. However, due to Covid-19 itContinue reading “Online university?!?”

Periods don’t stop for pandemics

Hi guys! I hope that you are all staying well in these scary times. I know I usually talk about my studies at university on this blog however I wanted to tell you all about the fantastic scheme created to continue to provide free sanitary products to schoolgirls who are in need. If you didn’tContinue reading “Periods don’t stop for pandemics”

Learning and loyalty

Hey, how have you all been? In the past two weeks at university we have been learning about the theories surrounding learning, the formation of attitudes and role of beliefs. I have decided to combine these two topics and discuss how brands advertise in order to ensure customer loyalty. McDonalds advertising uses highly edited imagesContinue reading “Learning and loyalty”

The 4 Ps – the importance of the People and Process.

Hi there, hope you all had a good week! This week in my Consumer Behaviour we learnt about the importance of the marketing mix: Product, Place, price, Promotion; and the extended marketing mix: People, Physical Evidence and Process. This really got me thinking about how important the role of the person is when selling, promotingContinue reading “The 4 Ps – the importance of the People and Process.”

The rise of Pretty Little Thing.

I fit the mould of the perfect consumer for Pretty Little Thing. I am 18 years old, and before moving to University, I found myself with a small disposable income which was (you guessed it) spent purchasing the newest clothes from their website. As a member of ‘Generation Z’ I don’t know a world withoutContinue reading “The rise of Pretty Little Thing.”