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Online university?!?

Hello, long time no see! I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. September has rolled around again, meaning it’s the start of a new year of learning for me and what I thought would be a very much needed and exciting return to uni. However, due to Covid-19 it is not what I thought second year would look like. I now have a full-time job and haven’t got the chance to move down to Uni due to this. On top of these personal changes, my course is now solely online!

Being based online this year has both its pros and cons. This first semester has been littered with technical difficulties and whilst its lovely to roll out of bed knowing I just need to switch my laptop on to get on with work, it is also quite lonely. As an extrovert I thrive in social situations, and so the online lectures and tutorials I have with my tutors excite me as we get to talk about our lives now, what we are all up to and the varying levels of lockdown across the world.

I do enjoy the flexibility of working at my own pace, I am finding it hard to strike the right balance between work and rest. Also, I know that the online materials are as good as they can be but there is always that voice in the back of my head comparing this experience to last years on-campus learning. Something I never thought I would say is I actually miss my 9am lectures and the walks to and from campus!

Overall, the move to working online has been great for me. I am able to continue to work, allowing me to save money to support my return to University living once the lockdown in the UK is lifted in early December. I hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping positive 🙂

Published by bethanyygough

Hi, I'm Bethany. I am a first year PR and Communications student studying at Solent University. I am new to blogging so please leave comments on my posts so I know what i need to improve :)

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