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The rise of Pretty Little Thing.

I fit the mould of the perfect consumer for Pretty Little Thing. I am 18 years old, and before moving to University, I found myself with a small disposable income which was (you guessed it) spent purchasing the newest clothes from their website. As a member of ‘Generation Z’ I don’t know a world without the internet and so am the perfect consumer for the online shopping giant Pretty Little Thing.

PLT feed into the online habits of Gen-Zer’s through hashtags and a strong social media presence.

So how does Pretty Little Thing target me? In my day to day life I see around 5-10 adverts for the website across multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Snapchat. They have utilised this platform in order to directly target and influence the “fashion conscious young women” ( they desire to attract. PLT also use influencers to promote their products through sponsorship, and so if a consumer follows these people they are exposed to the brand even when not actively searching for it. They also recruit current celebrities to create collaborative collections with – with Molly-Mae Hague’s edit launching shortly after her stint in the Love Island villa in 2019.

Molly-Mae’s campaign photo generated hype and anticipation due to her popularity in the Love Island villa in 2019.

Gen-Zer’s are considered as the most technologically advanced generation and so PLT are directly targeting this strength through being a strictly online store having low prices but good quality clothing. Jaime Netzer ( predicts that by 2020 generation-z will command 40% of all consumer topic and so through constantly updating their ranges and collabs PLT is attracting and retaining their mass audience.

This behaviour isn’t only used by PLT but also by all fast-growing online fashion brands – Missguided and Nasty Gal also utilise online advertising, celebrity collaborations, endorsements and public advertisement in dense areas to strengthen their positions in the market and to maximise interaction with their desired publics. I myself think they are clever in the way they target as they know that they will get what they desire – loyal customers.

Thank you for reading!

Published by bethanyygough

Hi, I'm Bethany. I am a first year PR and Communications student studying at Solent University. I am new to blogging so please leave comments on my posts so I know what i need to improve :)

3 thoughts on “The rise of Pretty Little Thing.

  1. Loved your blog about Pretty Little Thing. I am also a consumer of their products and in the same demographic segmentation. Why do you think Pretty Little Thing stood out to you as a consumer over the other clothing websites you mentioned. :)))


    1. Thank you!! I think PLT stands out to me because i have found that it has the best quality when compared to the prices. Other shops like Boohoo lack in quality whereas Missguided can be too expensive at times


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